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Owning a pet can bring an immense quantity of joy to your life, but with that comes a great deal of responsibility also. Aside from the day-to-day walks and limitless pet food, being a great pet owner means stepping up to the plate in both illness and in health. Although it isn’t enjoyable to consider, similar to people, family pets get hurt and sick and it is very important that they get top quality care and proper support when that does occur. But, with the growing expenses connected with veterinary care, numerous pet owners are left stressed and having a hard time, stressing over the monetary impact and how they are going to manage to take care of their furry friend.

Pawp offers a $3,000 emergency fund to help cover unexpected, emergency vet bills. For $24 per month, you have access to the fund in case of an emergency. What’s the catch?

You must obtain approval from a Pawp vet before your pet receives vet care to access the emergency fund. The Pawp vet has the discretion to determine whether your pet’s condition is a true emergency requiring immediate medical attention, authorizing coverage for treatment. Learn more about how this emergency fund works and if it sounds helpful and reassuring for your family to have in your back pocket.


  • 24/7 access to a veterinarian
  • $ 3,000 first aid fund
  • Conceal to 6 felines and canines in one strategy
  • Just $24 monthly
  • Get in touch with vets online in just a few minutes
  • Get treatment at any veterinarian in the US
  • No exclusions on age, type, or medical history
  • Pawp will pay your veterinarian directly on the day of treatment


  • Only cats and pets are covered
  • You’ll be liable for any emergency treatment above $3,000.
  • There’s a four-hour time frame from diagnosis by an online Pawp vet to treatment. If treatment begins beyond this window, you will not be covered.
  • Five-day compulsory waiting period before your emergency situation care is triggered.

Pawp Insurance for Your Dog and Cat 

Unlike typical pet insurance companies, Pawp offers an emergency fund for cats and dogs to help with financial emergencies that pet parents might face regarding pet care. The emergency fund is similar to preloading a Visa card with accessible funds that pet owners don’t have to pay back. Policyholders can have a single, emergency vet visit completely covered for up to $3,000 by any licensed vet or clinic.  

According to Pawp’s website, it won’t exclude coverage for age, breed, or medical history.However, many negative reviews cite Pawp’s strict denial of claims due to the company’s required confirmation of an emergency.  

Pawp’s emergency fund offers great coverage when accessible, especially as one of the only companies to offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. Vet visits for critical care are among the most expensive medical pet scenarios, making the trip more stressful. Having an emergency fund can take some of the financial stress away by providing options other than creditors or personal loans.  

For example, if you bring your cat to an emergency clinic after it has a stroke, the bill could get very expensive, very quickly. The vet team would need to run multiple tests to determine what caused the stroke and any reactions, including the diastole, heart’s stroke volume, or pulmonary circulation. The team would also have to stabilize the cat’s mitral valve to prevent any further damage. Any of these aspects could cost thousands of dollars, depending on your cat’s health.  

But by using Pawp to help cover these expensive treatments, pet parents don’t have to restrict access to vital treatments due to a lack of funds. Almost 66 percent of pet euthanasias are due to a lack of finances for necessary procedures, and pet insurance can help prevent this awful choice from being necessary. Pawp can help protect everything from your cat’s nose to its right and left ventricles to its tail.  

Pawp’s Emergency Fund

Pawp is not a traditional pet insurance company. 

Rather than reimburse pet owners for specific treatments throughout the year, Pawp is an emergency fund that can be accessed once a year for up to $3,000. Coverage for cats and dogs is $24 per month and covers up to six pets in a household. That means pet owners have immediate access to $3,000 for a single expensive treatment in cases of left ventricular failure, stroke, poisonings, or broken bones. 

Protects 6 pets for only $24/month

According to Pawp’s website, it won’t restrict coverage regardless of age, breed, or medical history. Still, policyholders cannot change any aspects of Pawp’s emergency fund. That includes a $0 deductible and $0 co-pay. The plan covers any situation deemed serious, unexpected, and dangerous, including pre-existing conditions, accidents, and illnesses. It won’t cover any scheduled treatments, which means it won’t cover cancer, rehabilitation, prescriptions, or wellness care.

Pawp will cover 100 percent of any emergency, up to $3,000, if your dog or cat needs critical care. That includes immediate treatments for organ dysfunction, kidney disease, heart failure, and high blood pressure. It’ll also pay for vet fees like catheters, cardiac pressure tracing, anesthesia, and sterilization. 

Unfortunately, Pawp won’t cover scheduled appointments or surgeries regardless of the necessity of the treatment. That includes cardiology treatment, which can end up being super expensive. Let’s say your dog has heart valve stenosis, which is present at birth and restricts blood flow. Your vet would need to run multiple tests to check the cardiac index and cardiac output. If the right ventricular pressure was too high or the atrial pressure was too low, the vet would have to address these problems, too. Pawp would not cover any of these treatments or tests because the company wouldn’t consider it an immediate emergency. 

However, if your cat were to develop pulmonary edema or systolic heart failure, Pawp would pay up to $3,000 toward treatment. Both conditions require immediate, emergency treatment; otherwise, your cat may die. 

Pawp’s plan provides a $0 deductible, a $0 co-pay, an annual maximum of $3,000, and a yearly one-use limit. That means it will pay for the entirety of a single emergency vet bill up to $3,000. A single policy can be used to cover six different pets without paying any additional fees but can only be used once per year. Policyholders cannot change any aspects of this plan.

Pawp compensation and deductibles.

As soon as an emergency has actually been confirmed by one of Pawp’s online veterinarians, you must take your family pet to a clinic straight away. As soon as you receive your invoice, you’ll ask the clinic to call Pawp and they’ll reimburse them directly.

You shouldn’t have to hand over any money at all, unless the treatment is more than $3,000, or the vet asks for an upfront deposit. There are no deductibles, and Pawp will cover all costs.

Pawp waiting periods.

Serious diseases in cats and canines can be really stressing, and the last thing you wish to consider is not having the money to cover emergency situation care. You need to keep in mind that your Pawp insurance goes through a five-day obligatory wait duration before you’ll have the ability to access any emergency situation money.

If your family pet needs emergency situation care inside this period, you’ll require to pay for treatment yourself. This waiting period begins with the day you sign up for coverage.

Those that are fully covered should have no waiting periods at all and will be reimbursed on the day of treatment. The insurance provider pays your veterinarian straight, and you can either call client service or email a photograph of your billing to initiate payment.

How much does Pawp animal insurance coverage cost?

Pet dog and feline health insurance can frequently face numerous dollars monthly, but prices could not be simpler here. The Pawp monthly expense is simply $24, which conceals to 6 cats and pet dogs. This could be any mix of six animals, state three felines and three pets for instance, and if you want to guarantee more pets, you’ll merely open a brand-new bundle at an extra $24 per month.

Unfortunately, emergency vet gos to are getting more costly nowadays, and can sometimes go beyond the $3,000 limit used by the company. Where this is the case you’ll be accountable for added fees. Plus, each family pet is just entitled to one round of emergency treatment annually, suggesting you’ll need to spend for any extra journeys to the veterinarian yourself.

Customer service and satisfaction.

Pawp customer service is generally exceptional. With 24/7 care and fast connections to veterinarians, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have the ability to get treatment for your animal at any time of the day or night. If you have any questions, feedback, or issues, you can reach out to customer support through text message and e-mail, as well as via a live chat alternative through your online account.

The insurance company is also obtainable by means of social networks channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Bottom Line.

Owning an animal can be pricey, however with Pawp you can save yourself some cash while still getting high-quality care when you require it most. No more outrageous monthly premiums or substantial deductibles and copayments, Pawp is redefining what insurance coverage looks like and supplying more budget-friendly protection that works for you. Featuring a flat rate of $24 monthly, you can delight in 24/7 access to a veterinarian online for approximately 6 animals, in addition to $3,000 a year in emergency situation funding. No surprise costs or sly terms, Pawp is accessible and reasonable, guaranteeing your family pet is taken care of when the unanticipated strikes.

For only $24/month, you get 24/7 unlimited online vet care

To find out more about what Pawp uses, visit their site today and take a look at all of the fantastic advantages they have readily available. Their support team is constantly offered to assist you and address any questions that you might have. Committed to making pet care easier to comprehend and easy to gain access to, Pawp is a more recent take on pet insurance coverage that makes sure to impress and supply the comfort you need when it comes to your pet’s health.

Sign-up with Pawp for only $24/month
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