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Are you taking a last-minute trip and need your pet cared for while you are away? Well, the kennel might be your best option if you call in early. However, if you are late for that, what other options do you have? Rover is one of the best pet-sitting and dog-walking sites available. You can always make a booking for them to watch your dog while you are unavailable. But, how safe is Rover’s services?

However, before you read our reviews, it is important to consider that the pet sitting rates differ depending on location, experience, and pet type. Moreover, our pros and cons reflect the overall feedback we received on Rover, which might vary from the individual independent service providers you may access on their site.

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Always Be Cautious When Seeking Pet Sitting Services

Through our experience, we have encountered exceptional pet sitting services. However, there have also been many disappointments, especially where the online pet sitters are untrained, non-professional, and unlicensed. In such instances, we learned that some pet sitters are mainly involved in the tasks due to their unending love for pets. However, poor training and lack of experience may result in complex, heart-wrenching circumstances.

In many companies, we have encountered claims that they run background checks on contracted dog sitters and walkers. Rover is among the companies that run background checks before allowing members to advertise their services on Rover’s site.

However, during our test, we saw that Rover runs tests on members’ criminal histories, which we felt is insufficient to give pet owners peace of mind regarding whoever is taking care of their dogs. Thus, although Rovers ensure they get people with no criminal history to advertise their services on the site, the responsibility of having a good dog caretaker lies with the pet owner, implying that you have a responsibility to evaluate service providers you connect with on the site.

However, should the process be slightly challenging for you, you might find it wise to consider hiring caretakers with a long history of positive reviews and ask for personal references. The process will enable you to avert the risk of hiring pet caretakers who fail to visit your pet enough for feeding, walks, and so on. 

Our Rover Rating

Customer Support                1.0

Website Functionality           5.0

Mobile App                      5.0

Communication Forms          4.3

Pricing                       4.0


  • You choose your pay rate as the sitter
  • The mobile app and website is user friendly
  • You can access the sitter’s fees upfront and know their availability before contacting them.
  • Flexible services
  • Background checks on sitters before selection
  • Allows efficient sitter communication through the app.


  • Rover takes 20% of the sitter’s earnings.
  • Poor customer support, especially when pet owners file complaints.
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Rover Key Features

Rover offers a choice for personal preferences regarding where the dog can stay. Through their service, pet owners get sitters to walk, feed, and care for their dogs while they are away. The platform has also made it easy to find regular dog walkers around you.

Rover also provides reviews of each dog sitter on their website, enabling you to make an easy decision when hiring your best match. Moreover, the company lists the rates upfront, so you can easily see the sitter or walker who matches your budget. Through Rover’s services, pet owners can get pet photos and videos for updates, and the company caters to vet care injuries caused by the sitter.


Rover’s costs vary depending on the sitter’s charges, since each sitter sets their rates published on the website. However, pet owners are charged a 5-7% service fee during booking, but the amount does not exceed $50.

For example, when a sitter charges $25 per day and you hire their services for four days, you will be charged the sitter fee of $100 and a $5–7 booking fee. Rover then takes 20% of the sitter’s earnings, implying that the sitter in such a situation takes home $80. Tipping is also available in selected cities, although not always required.

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Rover Benefits to Sitters

Besides offering pet owners peace of mind during their vacation or work trip, Rover provides incredible benefits to sitters who would love to work on the platform.

  • First, the company enables you to be your boss by scheduling several walks for maximum earnings or taking quick daily walks whenever you are comfortable.
  • The company also offers unmatched flexibility for workers, as sitters can still take their day jobs or work from home while attending to pets.
  • The platform gives sitters freedom to set their rates, implying that you can set a rate based on how much you would love to earn per hour.

Rover Requirements for Sitters

To qualify for a sitter’s role, you must:

  • be over 18 years old.
  • Complete your Rover profile.
  • Pass the background check
  • Make yourself available during the week.
  • Have the latest version of the Rover app.

Direct payments are automatically deposited on a sitter’s account, while payments made through PayPal are released within 4 days at no extra cost.

So, is Rover legit?

Yes, the platform is a great consideration for pet owners and qualified sitters. Rover gives you a chance to have your pet attended to while you are away. Moreover, the platform gives sitters a chance to earn some extra income by taking care of pets. However, like many online sites, Rover has its share of disappointments and challenges, especially through clients’ complaints.

Wrap Up

Our search for a leading pet sitting site led us to Rover, and we were amazed by the platform’s services. We were also pleased with Rover’s concern for pet owners’ peace of mind by running a background check on those who applied for the sitter’s position. In addition, the availability of sitters’ reviews made our selection easier.

We were also amazed by the platform’s commitment to hiring more sitters and the flexible work opportunities for pet enthusiasts who would love to work with them. However, we found a number of worrying complaints about the sites, especially due to poor customer support. Thus, we would love the company to address the issue and customers’ complaints professionally before recommending it to others.

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