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What to seem for during a Dog Friendly Apartment

It are often tough finding an apartment once you have a dog. Although many apartments accept pets, not all of them are great places to measure with a dog.

To separate real “dog friendly” apartments from people who simply tolerate dogs, it is vital to go to the apartment, preferably together with your dog, check out the facilities, and ask questions.

Your visit will probably start at the apartment office. it is a great sign if the staff welcomes your dog – even better if they need dog treats available – and absolutely great if the staff brings their own dogs to work!

Look for places round the apartment where your dog can do his business. A great, dog-friendly apartment will have poop-bag dispensers nearby. search for water bowls publicly areas, and ask how often they’re cleaned (dirty water bowls can spread diseases).

Walk your dog through the building and see if he’s bothered by anything. Dogs hear about fourfold also as humans, and their sense of smell is 10,000 times nearly as good as ours! Noises and smells that you simply won’t even notice are often very unpleasant and even traumatic for your dogs.

As you walk around, see how other residents react to your dog. If you encounter other residents with dogs, ask how they just like the apartment and facilities.

Check Out the world

Look for places where you’ll enjoy walking your dog. This might include restaurants or coffee shops with outdoor dog-friendly seating, and nearby parks or walking trails. Ask if there are any dog parks nearby.

Check to seek out the closest veterinarians. While you would possibly like better to take your dog to your regular vet, it’s great to understand that there’s help nearby in an emergency.

Apartment Restrictions

Most apartments charge a further cleaning deposit if you’ve got a dog, and should even charge a monthly fee.

Some apartments limit the dimensions of the dog, while others don’t allow certain breeds. the foremost commonly restricted dogs are:

American Pit bulls



Cane Corsos

Bull Mastiffs


German Shepherds



Chow Chows

Wolf Hybrids

The apartment should invite your dog’s vaccination records as a part of the appliance process. That’s an honest thing, because it means they’re searching for all their dog residents! actually , it should be a red flag if they do not invite your vaccination records.

There are many apartments that want you and your dog to be welcome. Don’t accept an area that just “tolerates” dogs!

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