Why do cats eat mice? Should we let them?

A cat and a mouse are inseparable. We are confirmed by all fairy tales, cartoons, jokes, advertisements, and literature. In our heads, the cat and mouse are a duo inseparable sort of a fisher and bad luck. There are tons of myths about cats. is that this another one? Not this time! This stereotype finds confirmation actually . However, this is often not friendship, but a fraction of a bigger organic phenomenon . Why do cats eat mice? the solution are often found below!

Cats aren’t vegan

Cats are 100% predators. Yes, even the stove lying alternately on the sofa or on the radiator is deep within the heart of Orion and will eat meat. Even in him, instincts will always prevail and can never be completely extinguished. And what a few leaving cat! Most of his free time goes looking for various victims, mainly mice. An adult free-living cat eats about 10 mice each day . Why did the mutters “get caught” on these rodents? There are good reasons for this.

Why do cats eat mice?

Taurine is found in mice. In these small rodents, there’s up to 5 times more of this aminoalkanoic acid than, for instance , in beef. And it so happens that it’s necessary for the functioning of the cat’s body. does one already know the solution to the question: why do cats eat mice? Their meat is just the healthiest for them. Without taurine, a cat cannot function properly and little kittens can grow properly. Its deficiency may be a risk of great ailments and even death of a cat …

A perfect meal

In addition to the required taurine, along side the mouse the cat receives a properly balanced meal. the dimensions of the victim perfectly satisfies the cat’s appetite – cats don’t eat in-store, they’re ready to eat only the maximum amount as their small stomach can fit. The mouse seems good .

Cats eat whole carcasses, leaving nothing behind with alittle rodent. during this way, they also quench thirst, because the purses take most of the water they have from their meals.

Mice allow you to supply a touch carbohydrate that was found within the mouse’s alimentary canal . Cats shouldn’t really take more coals than their victim’s alimentary canal . The stomach remains the most-left and uneaten piece.

More than just nutrients …

In addition to being a well-balanced meal for a cat, their attractiveness increases thanks to the very fact that the mouse tends to … run away. If it didn’t, then who knows if cats would be equally curious about cat chow then.

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