Hairless Cat Breeds

Cats are often mentioned as long-haired or short-haired but some are literally considered hairless. These breeds can range from completely bald to having a fine downy coat. Anyone looking to bring home one among these unique kitties features a few breeds to think about .

The Sphynx may be a breed with a fine downy coat. It’s often described as being an equivalent texture as chamois. Their skin features a pattern a bit like their fur would have if that they had any. it’ll appear to be solid, tabby or maybe another pattern. This breed was created within the 1960’s by selective breeding of naturally hairless cats. they need large ears, a wedge shaped head and enormous lemon-shaped eyes. they’re very muscular with a medium size body. Sphynx cats are extroverts who love attention and are very affectionate.

The Bambino is taken into account an experimental breed. it had been first registered with the International Cat Association in 2005. These cats were created by crossing a Sphynx with a Munchkin, a breed with a reduced leg size and enormous upright ears. This typically produces a hairless cat with short legs. Their skin is typically white or pink so protection from the sun is important . Being hairless also means they’re susceptible to the cold.

The Donskoy was first registered in 1987 and originated in Rostov-on -Don, Russia. it had been officially recognized as a world breed in 1997. it’s an identical appearance to the Sphynx but the shortage of hair is caused by a special gene. These are medium sized cats with almond shaped eyes, large ears and a muscular build. Their skin is oily thanks to their lack of hair so some grooming is important .

The Peterbald is another created breed from Russia. This breed may be a cross between a Donskoy and an Oriental Shorthair. they need the looks and body shape of an oriental breed but are hairless. they’re recognized by their slim muscular bodies, almond shaped eyes, wide set big ears and wedge shaped muzzle.

The Ukrainian Levkoy features a very different look than the other cat. it’s ears that fold inward almost like the Scottish Fold also as being hairless. it’s mainly found within the Ukraine and Russia and only recognized by the Ukrainian and Russian cat clubs. this is often perhaps the strangest looking cat you’ll ever see.

The Lykoi was developed in Memphis Tennessee. it’s a present mutation of a domestic shorthair. they’re black with a wedge shaped head and sleek elegant body. it’s typically hairless with markings that resemble a werewolf, giving them their name.

Being hairless doesn’t mean these cat are low maintenance. they have protection from the sun as they will suffer from sunburn and are very vulnerable to the cold. albeit they do not have hair, they typically require bathing or washing. Their bodies still produce sebum, a substance wont to keep fur in fitness . If not cared for, it can cause dry, flaky skin and sometimes sore spots.

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