How to Breed Corn Snakes

When it involves reptiles and having them as pets, the red rat snake is one among the simplest to breed. nobody knows what percentage are bred in captivity annually but the amount is, easily, within the many thousands.

Breeding your pet red rat snake will offer you the chance of seeing babies being born and therefore the surprise of seeing what they appear like once they hatch. Hopefully, this is often the most reason behind your interest in breeding pet corn snakes because the probabilities of creating a take advantage of this hobby is extremely small. you’ve got thousands of other breeders to compete with and this, often, creates environments that are unhealthy for these reptiles.

Before you plan to breed your snakes you’ll want to form sure that their health is up to par. Sick or unhealthy snakes can create health problems within the offspring or the mother or both. Through the summer and fall, slowly increase their diets by feeding them larger prey or by feeding them more often. When it’s time for the brumation, confirm that your corn snakes have emptied their digestive tracts and move them to a different tank with a temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep them here for a few week.

After every week has passed they have to be put in temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit for around a month then about 50 degrees Fahrenheit for an additional month or two months. you would like the whole brumation period to last three months or a touch less.

Following the cooling period you’ll , essentially, undergo an equivalent process in reverse. Take them from the 50 degree temperature to 55 to 60 then up to 65 to 70 for every week . After this put them back to their normal tank or at their normal temperature. After two or three days you’ll attempt to feed them alittle serving. After another couple days you’ll resume their normal feeding schedule.

Once the feminine has eaten three or fourfold it’s an honest time to put the male and feminine together. Leave them together apart from during feeding time. Copulation usually takes place during the night so you’ll not even notice that it’s happening. Watch carefully and once you notice swelling within the abdomen of the feminine you’ll separate the snakes permanently . Once this happens you’ll increase the frequency of feeding the feminine to assist her provide the nutrition she needs for herself and her eggs.

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