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Best practices for pet-sitting

The success of your pet-sitting business depends on the simplest practices of the industry. As a pet-sitter, you would like to practice the following:

Are you booked? Learn to how and when to mention “Sorry, I got engagements”

You need to find out to mention no once you are booked. As you gain experience during this area, you’ll realize that you simply don’t actually need to simply accept every request you get from clients – sometimes you would like time to arrange yourself also as serve other clients without feeling overworked. Know your limits and therefore the maximum requests you’ll absorb day without compromising the standard of care you provide also as your own wellbeing. have you ever ever noticed that you simply are more susceptible to mistakes, like leaving your keys within the car or forgetting to lock your doors, once you overbooked or short on time? you would possibly also endanger the security of the dogs you’re alleged to walk down the walkway.

You don’t know everything. Know what to simply accept and what to show down

There is an inventory of pet-sitting assignments that you simply should kindly reject either because you’re not sufficiently experienced in them or they’re not fitting to you, or both. Honesty is probably the foremost important virtue you ought to apply in every good practice, including knowing what you’ll deliver and what you can’t. While it’s tempting to undertake to impress every client by accepting every request they create , some pets and a few services can put people or the pet in peril . for instance , if you’re not experienced with aggressive pets, otherwise you lack training during this area, an excessively aggressive dog are often a true danger and you’d be more happy without going out with such a pet. Imagine the implications of a pet under your custody biting or seriously injuring an individual or another pet. The financial, physical, and professional consequences could ruin your business.

Put your wellbeing first

It is easy for you to urge immersed during this business and forget everything about your health – this is often a nasty care practice. no matter how busy you’re , remember to line aside a while for yourself, eat healthy, choose yearly checkup, exercise, and have enough sleep. Some pet-sitters would prepare food beforehand – a fast and luxurious balanced meal or an enormous tumbler of a nicely prepared smoothie – to avoid skipping meals or dashing into nutriment joints while on a decent schedule.

Diet aside, you furthermore may got to be mindful of your working hours and weather . Extreme heat or cold is detrimental to your health which of the pet. Consider scheduling accordingly, either planning alternative activities, like indoor play, or planning for walks when the weather are conducive.

Besides your physical health, be wary of your psychological state also . Compassion fatigue and burnout are a number of the highest threats to the psychological state of workaholic folks and you don’t want to travel down that road. If these issues go unaddressed for an extended time, they’re going to begin to dent your pet-sitting professional and business. Always try hard to be the simplest of yourself.

Create a robust and reliable support network

Like any other industry, the pet-sitting industry comes with a bunch of unique challenges. you would like to surround yourself with people that are privy of those struggles and therefore the daily joys that accompany pet-sitting. Network with pe-sitters locally and much to require advantage of conferences and other useful material. there’s nothing you’ll encounter in your care professional or business that has never been encountered by other pet-sitters elsewhere.


For you to deliver best pet-sitting services, you would like to stick to the simplest practices. Don’t recoil turning down requests that you simply are unacquainted or lack proper training. Know the utmost requests you’ll absorb each day or week. Also, don’t ditch your health. Networking with other professionals will assist you gain access to vital information you almost certainly never knew.

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