How To debar Sexual Mounting By Your Puppy

It is often an excellent shock when a replacement dog owner finds their puppy mounting their leg; most new dog owners haven’t any idea what to try to to when this happens. Sometimes the dog owner will quickly retract their leg and tell the dog no, while other times the dog owner believes that ignoring the behavior and letting the behavior dissipate on its own is that the best course.

Unfortunately if the dog owner just ignores the behavior they’re actually letting themselves become subordinate to their puppy, this will cause severe behavioral problems within the end of the day . Some common behavioral problems for puppies left to become dominate include becoming overprotective, barking and biting.

The best thanks to stop your puppy from sexually mounting your leg is to right away pull back your leg during a startling manner as soon as your puppy starts mounting it. Combine this immediate movement with a verbal command of “NO” whenever the puppy begins to mount your leg or other part . The sexual experimentation of your puppy may be a normal process as they mature, but it’s important because the owner to determine your dominance within the household and not allow the puppy any sort of sexual mounting behavior in the least around you.

If you’re having a particularly hard time breaking your puppy of their pattern of sexual mounting it’s going to be important to determine yourself as a pacesetter again. this will be accomplished with regular obedience programs also as some nonphysical commands. it’ll be necessary to distract your puppy before they began mounting, you’ll use food distractions but a far better distraction is activities like playing catch.

When you are handling a puppy that has an extreme case of sexual mounting everything they are available into contact with, you’ll need to stop all petting and praising. For these puppies you’ll got to withhold all affection unless they need specifically obeyed a command. once they obey a quick command, like sitting, you’ll offer them a fast rub on the rear then continue about your normal activities.

Through the method of persistence, education, and love you’ll be ready to break your puppy of the annoying mounting of your leg or visitors in your home. With proper care and a spotlight this sort of behavior can easily dissolve within a few of weeks, if you are doing not give this sort of behavior the right attention it needs it can last throughout the lifetime of your dog. Take the time necessary to coach you’re dog in how you would like them to behave around you and therefore the folks that inherit your home.

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