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Understanding Your Cats Communication

Cats have always been considered rather mysterious creatures. While cats have a universal thanks to communicate with one another , they need alternative ways of communicating with us. Every cat features a different personality but loving owners come to acknowledge their unique traits. Here are some ways they express themselves.

Body Language

Cats are quick, active and muscular felines. they need athletic bodies and move gracefully. Their lean bodies are often very expressive. When your cat sprawls call at front of you, he’s feeling confident and relaxed. If he rolls onto his back showing his belly, he’s feeling lazy and in good spirits. this is often considered a symbol that he feels loved and guarded . If his paws are curved under him, he’s feeling secure.

Eye Contact

Your cats eyes are very expressive. When your cat stares into your eyes, it’s considered a gesture of affection. Researchers claim, if your cat stares into your eyes than blinks, opens its eyes wide, stares and blinks again, that this is often like your cat supplying you with a kiss. A sure sign that he trusts and loves you. If his eyes are dilated, this is often a symbol of fear. Watch your cats eyes, dilated pupils mean something has caused fear in him. once they become aggressive, their eyes may become narrow slits.

Tail Movement

A cats’ tail will offer you insight into your cats mind. once they hold their tail straight up, they’re demonstrating confidence and pride. They move with a pompous regal stride. If your cat has its tail upright with a small curve at the highest , this is often considered a symbol of happiness and heat . await the fluffy bottle brush tail. this is often a sign of fear and false courage. Your cat may greet you with quick swings of its tail which suggests he’s happy to ascertain you.


Purring is perhaps the foremost known sort of communication owners recognize. While there are many mysteries behind purring, most owners feel it means their cat is happy. repeatedly cats purr once you scratch that special spot or rub against their head while relaxing. It means your living together with your kitty consonant . This is, no doubt, the simplest sound cats make. However, your cat may purr if it’s in pain also .

Vocal Sounds

Cats can very vocal once they want. When supper time is approaching, your cat may follow you around meowing for his food. Other times, he may meow to undertake to locate you within the house. When he’s playful, he may “talk” to encourage you to play. Of course, we all know of the high-pitched screech a cat can make when frightened.

Following You

Your cat truly enjoys your company when he follows you around. He may jump from surface to surface just to be on the brink of you. this is often thought to be a really loving gesture and says he wants to spend time with you.

Every cat features a different thanks to communicate with us. They show their feelings in ways we do not always recognize. await a number of these common signs to ascertain how your cat is feeling.

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