Dengue Mosquitoes Best Ways To Avoid Dengue

The incidence of dengue is increasing day by day in Dhaka. there’s no salvation from dengue or the diseased mosquito. Dengue may be a virus fever. AIDS spreads dengue virus by mosquitoes. There are four sorts of dengue virus. These are DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. dengue is really caused by any of its infections. There are two sorts of dengue .

Although clinical dengue is fairly tolerable, hemorrhagic dengue or hemorrhagic fever is that the most severe. Most of the time, no antibiotics are available. consistent with the symptoms necessary treatment is provided. like all other viral fever, it can cure itself within seven days. However, hemorrhagic dengue are often awful.

Dengue symptoms are usually acute fever (up to five Fahrenheit) also as severe pain within the body, especially bones, waist, back bone and muscle. additionally , there could also be a pain within the back of the top and eyes. Red-toothed rash is seen throughout the body for 3 to five days after fever, called rash . it is a lot like allergies or sweating. It can cause nausea and even vomiting. Patients with dengue feel extra tired and lose interest in food.

This condition are often extremely complex, like bleeding from other parts of the body, along side other problems. In girls, there could also be symptoms of bleeding for an extended time when menstruation or bleeding begins. In many cases, the disease can occur within the chest or abdomen, jaundice of the patient with liver attack, kidney and kidney failure renal failure.

Although there’s no specific treatment for dengue, it’s important to drink many water, rest and eat many fluids. No medicine aside from paracetamol are often wont to reduce fever. If there are signs of bleeding with fever, the patient should be admitted to the hospital. to scale back fever, the body should be repeatedly removed during a wet cloth.

There are some foods that help prevent dengue:-

Orange contains tons of nutrients and vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. If the fever is high, let the patient eat oranges. it’ll reduce diarrhea and increase digestion.

Papaya helps to cure various diseases. Studies have shown that papaya seeds cure diseases caused by mosquito bites. Another study found that papaya works to extend platelets in dengue patients. Besides, papaya leaves are consumed twice daily, it plays a task in curing dengue .

Dengue fever usually causes stomach problems. due to this, it’s not advisable to eat any food that’s oily and sold at this point .

Herbal tea reduces the danger of dengue . If you’ve got fever, drink tea with cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.

Dengue causes anemia. During this point , the water within the dab eliminates the anemia of the body. It also helps to take care of water balance within the body.

If the symptoms of dengue occur, you’ll eat differing types of vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and other greens. The essential vitamins and minerals contained in these vegetables increase the body’s immunity.

If the symptoms of dengue appear, let the patient eat fluids, especially soups. it’ll increase appetite and reduce bone pain.

Vitamin C is extremely effective in boosting the body’s immunity. Therefore, if the symptoms of dengue occur, let the patient eat vitamin C rich fruits like orange, pineapple, strawberry, guava or fruit crush . this type of juice will help in virus infection .

Nimapara juice is additionally very effective in treating dengue .

However, the simplest thanks to avoid dengue is to take care . it’s possible to be free from this disease by taking some precautions. for instance

Usually AIDS prefers to bite mosquitoes within half an hour of sunrise and half an hour before sunset within the evening. 2. take care of mosquito bites sometimes .

They must remove their habitat to destroy mosquito breeds.

In abandoned containers, the open, abandoned tire of the dub and therefore the water within the flower tub must be drained.

If you’ve got to sleep during the day, you ought to hang a mosquito.

It is best to stay the patient affected by dengue . Because if a traditional Aedes mosquito bites these patients, the mosquito also will become a carrier of dengue. If the mosquito bites a healthy person again, the healthy person also will suffer from dengue.

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