Pros and Cons of Dog chewing on animal bones vs. Artificial Bones

Dogs like to chew, and this is often very natural. If you don’t give them anything to chew, they’ll even find yourself chewing anything they find before them. Chewing is an instinctive activity for dogs; they ought to , therefore, be given bones to chew. However, a number of these dog bones are dangerous, while some are great for his or her health. But how can one make certain about their safety? this will be done by reading through this text . Below are some Pros of dog chewing on animal bones:

Nutritional benefits
Animal bones are an excellent source of both calcium and phosphorous. they will find phosphorus from the meat on the bones, and that they can find calcium from the bone. However, they don’t contain carbohydrates, and this comes as a blessing because dogs also are alleged to maintain a healthy weight when chewing bones. When puppies get the proper ratio of both calcium and phosphorous, they will develop within the right way.

Mental stimulation
Chewing bones gives psychological benefits to dogs. Therefore, if you present your dog with the proper bone, then it are often one among the simplest chews for your dog.

Nutritious bone marrow
This helps in providing dogs with essential fatty acids, enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants. that’s why you’ll see that several home diets have recommended meaty bones for dogs.

Dental benefits
Chewing bones provides dogs with a superb thanks to exercise their teeth also as gums. this suggests that it’ll not be easier for tartar to create in their teeth; hence, you’ll not got to have frequent visits to the dentist.


Chewing bones can crack the dogs’ teeth. you ought to , therefore, avoid giving your dog frozen bones as this might fracture their teeth. Additionally, when it involves digestion, there’s some difficulty with bones. And this is often where the dog’s stomach acid will are available .

Pros of dog chewing on artificial bones

They help in promoting health chewing; additionally thereto , they’re unlikely to cause dental fractures in dogs.They are very durable and may always be reused; you, therefore, don’t need to search for a replacement one whenever your dog must chew.

It helps in stimulating the natural behavior of dogs. When dogs move from one place to a different , trying to place the bone in position in order that they will chew it properly, their natural behavior becomes stimulated. this will also bring tons of psychological benefits to them.

With artificial bones, you don’t need to worry about your dog being choked. this is often because the dogs cannot break then into small pieces.

Cons of dog chewing on artificial bones

Compared to animal bones, they’re completely non-digestible; they’re therefore very likely to cause ileus . Because dogs are likely to struggle and swallow the bones, they’ll find yourself swallowing them, and this might come as a ill health to them.

Many dogs would always like better to chew animal bones. While this might be a less expensive option, it’s not always the safest option for dogs, and that’s why most of them don’t like artificial bones.

When it involves choosing the simplest bone for your dog, you ought to first check out what your dog is comfortable with. As we’ve discussed above, some dogs don’t like artificial bones, so you won’t get your dog a man-made bone once you know he likes animal bones.

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