What to Expect within the First Months of getting a Puppy

So, you’ve yourself a fresh , four-legged, bundle of joy. Congratulations. subsequent few months are getting to be filled with love and memorable experiences together with your new puppy. But, it is also getting to be tons of labor too. the primary three months of owning a puppy are vital times, and there’s much you’ll got to neutralize order for your puppy to grow into a cheerful and healthy dog. So, what responsibilities does a replacement pet owner need to contend with? Well, let’s mention that.

***Training and Exploration

our new puppy’s brain is at its peak during these young months. They absorb everything that they experience, sort of a sponge. That being said, these first few months are crucial for his or her development. you ought to allow your puppy to explore new things, encourage them to be curious, and in fact , you ought to start training them to follow whatever rules you set down.

-Potty Training

Take them outside frequently, to try to to their business, then reward them whenever they eliminate outdoors. Avoid scolding them if they’re eliminated within the house. Scolding will only scare them or confuse them and it can actually hinder their learning process, instead of encourage it. You’ll often examine rubbing their nose in their mess to show them that it’s unacceptable, but this is often a really poor method of coaching . Showing your puppy that you simply are happy once they go outside are going to be quite enough encouragement for them, and with time, they’re going to learn to travel outside, rather than indoors.


Try to remember that If you do not want them to play with certain things or chew on certain things, take the thing from them and replace it with one among their toys or a chewy bone instead. It’s understandable that sometimes you’ll grow irritated once they chew on things they shouldn’t. it is a bummer when your puppy ruins a pleasant pair of shoes. But as mad as you would possibly be together with your puppy, don’t scold or get angered at them. Puppies don’t understand the anger and that they won’t learn in healthy ways from this method. Reward and encourage them once they chew on their own things. Your puppy will love being rewarded and encouraged. They feel happy knowing that their owner is happy too.

-Teaching Tricks

Perhaps you’ll be wanting to show your puppy some fun tricks. the simplest time to show them is within the three month mark. Teaching them simple commands can take a while and repetition, but they’ll enjoy learning and that they are going to be fairly quick to catch on if a tasty snack or belly rub may be a reward.


Another aspect you absolutely want to specialise in is socializing your puppy. When a puppy is young, it can become very excited and jump abreast of people or maybe playfully nibble. Then, there’s also handling other dogs also . Getting wont to new surroundings are often scary, uncertain, and weird for them. Patience may be a must then is getting them conversant in other humans and other dogs. Take them to dog parks to assist socialize them, enroll them during a doggy training course, or visit a friend’s house who features a dog that wouldn’t mind some company. The quicker you get your puppy wont to people and other dogs, the safer they’re going to feel. they’re going to also grow to not be leery of others, which may be an exquisite asset when they’re older. It are often difficult if your puppy grows into an enormous dog that does not get along side people or with other dogs. It can make social events stressful for you, your guests, and even your dog. So, getting them wont to many outside exposure is extremely healthy.

***Health Care

The first few months of a puppy’s life goes to need tons of vet visits! you ought to consider getting them spayed or neutered, they’ll need a couple of different shots, and they’ll also need preventative medications for fleas and heartworm. And this is often just if everything is normal and your puppy is healthy. Jumping on these medical issues quickly and keeping them up so far is crucial for the longevity of your pet’s life. healthiness care is required all throughout their lives and will always be maintained so far .


So, this is often what to expect during the primary few months of your new puppy’s life. attempt to remember patience. Little puppies don’t learn as we do and sometimes it can take an extended time for them to know something or learn a replacement rule. it’ll take encouragement, repetition, and much of affection and understanding. But, you’ll make some beautiful memories together and there really is nothing sweeter than that bond between an individual and their puppy. Congratulations on the most recent furry member of your family, and good luck.

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