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Pet Relocation – Tips For International Pet Moving

Five Tips for Safe and Humane International Pet Relocation

Owning or adopting a pet should be for all times , no matter what corner of the planet your career or other circumstances happen to send you. When planning a world move transporting the one that you love pet is merely a part of an extended , daunting list of preparations that need to be made. many of us feel forced to seek out new homes for his or her animals instead of subject them to a traumatic transportation – however there are steps which will be taken to make sure the journey is as easy as possible on your companion.

Contact the local consulate of the destination country: the primary step in planning a world trip with a pet should be to contact the consulate of the destination country for your pet’s importation requirements. Some countries require a lengthy quarantine; others have more rigid standards and a few only accept pets at certain airports within that country. the foremost important thing to recollect is simply like human travel, pets also need additional documentation so as to enter its desired country. Each country is different, as all of them require their own documentation when accepting pets.

Find an airline which will work with you: Contact the airlines that fly to your proposed destination, select one then ask them to verify that they’re going to accept your pet on the day and flight that you simply prefer. this may allow you to ascertain if this date works, or how you’ll work around their flight times. As soon as you get on the plane, ask a steward to verify that your pet is on board. That way, if there’s been any mix-up and it’s not been loaded, you’ve got a far better chance of getting something done about it. Some airlines will allow you to hold small pet carriers with you within the main cabin, but as long as it’ll fit under the seat ahead of you.

Visit the vet before the flight: Your Veterinarian must be consulted well before your departure date. they’re going to give your pet a full check up and advise you on any potential problems and may also assist you with questions or concerns that you simply may have. confirm you’ve got all the specified documentation, as noted once you contacted the consulate of your destination.

Limit food intake the day before travel: Although they’ll initially disagree, your animal’s potential for a cushty trip are often increased by limiting their prior food intake. Prepare your pet for its journey by reducing the number of food the day before flying. leave normal water access as dehydration may be a serious danger. confirm to steer your dog before you attend the airport and before sign up , which should be 1-2 hours before the flight.

Equip your pet’s carrier or crate with the vital necessities: the large day has arrived! While your pet is out of your sight and care, make it as easy as possible for airline staff to worry for them. Your animal’s travel crate must meet the airline’s standards and be large enough for the pet to lie comfortably rotate and stand freely in. Mark the crate with “Live Animal – This side up” and include your name, address and phone number . a minimum of two water bowls and dried food must be attached to the highest of the carrier just in case there are any flight delays. Any medication that’s used for your pet must even be recorded with the name of the drug, the time and directions of administration.

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