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Nurture a Healthy And Happy Baby Bearded Dragon With These Simple to Follow Tips

The latest rage among the pet owners is to possess possession of a bearded dragon. There are many that look out for baby bearded dragon. the small pet reptile requires extra attention and care as compared to the adult and juvenile bearded dragons. Many reptile pet owners are constantly finding out the small bearded dragons because they’re cute and fun to play with. However lagging of experiences on the care of those baby reptiles can cause life threatening risk.

For the primary few months after the bearded dragons have born, you would like to devote more care like avoid too frequent handling to scale back the strain , small prey size, and more calcium intake. Even when the bearded dragon baby is at age of 8 weeks, they’re considered hatching or very young. they’re presumably susceptible to anxiety, and it might affect its growth and health. If you’re chasing one for yourself, confirm that it’s a minimum of 8 weeks old, and take excellent care of the pet. There are numerous points to be considered while adopting baby bearded dragon which may help in making him a cheerful pet like:


They do not require big enclosure size and ambience space. If the cage is just too large, they’ll find it difficult chasing down and looking for the prey. If the enclosure is just too big, they’ll feel insecure living in it. Smaller enclosure will make them feel safer . they are doing not require big enclosure. If the cage is just too large, they’ll find it difficult chasing down and looking for the prey and should feel insecure living in it. Smaller enclosure will make them feel safer . attempt to avoid place that’s busy and high footage traffic, especially when there are children running around and should get an opportunity to hit the enclosure. The disturbances may always stress them up.


A baby bearded dragon feeding should be done more often as they have more fats and protein from the food for rapid climb . they ought to be fed atleast 2 to three times each day . the most concern in feeding baby bearded dragon is that the food size, especially insects like crickets. the right food size should be 1/3 of the hatchling’s head and therefore the length should be smaller than the space between their eyes. Feeding hatchling with small prey may be a must as large items can cause paralysis and even death. Besides small crickets, small bearded dragons need greens, fruits and vegetables at this point also . one among the feeding principles for baby bearded dragon is to supply them many water. you’ll mist their head, cage wall, and decorations with water until they begin to lap the water droplets.


When it’s the primary attempt to hold them, they’ll resist, but approach them slowly. attempt to pick them up from side rather than top. this may reduce the danger of being scared. Reach out rock bottom of the part , and support their body with another hand, let the body feel that it’s standing firmly on your hands.

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