Great Grooming Tools for Long Haired Cats

You watch your cat groom itself all day it seems, especially if it’s long hair. All cats need some grooming to stay their coats in fine condition . Long-haired cats may have some help to get rid of extra hair, dander and tangles. Here are a couple of useful tools and reasons why good grooming is important to your cat’s healthiness .

Constantly matted fur are often very painful for your cat also as cause health and behavioral issues. Matted fur can make it hard for your cat to maneuver and walk properly also as hide dirt, bugs and feces Scratching at it’s going to tear the skin and cause infections. to assist prevent these issues, start grooming your cat from the primary day you bring them home. Ask your breeder or shelter what tools they wont to keep its long coat healthy. confirm your cat is comfortable and use their name in an upbeat tone during the grooming process. Offer alittle treat during grooming to encourage them to behave. it’ll also make the session more enjoyable for them and you.

It is essential to take a position the proper brushes for your cat’s long hair. A brush will distribute the natural oils on your cat’s skin which helps keep their coat shiny also as remove loose hair. The fine wire bristles of a slicker brush are very helpful for long-haired cats. they will remove any tangles within the topcoat and loose hair from the undercoat which contributes to matting. an extended tooth shedder brush also will work well on an extended coat or cat that sheds more. Pet wipes also are helpful to stay their coat clean between grooming sessions and bathing.

Here are some good grooming tools to think about for your pet.

Earthbath Fragrance Free Wipes – These alcohol and soap free wipes, wont dry out your cat’s skin and also are fragrance-free. They work well for removing loose dirt from your cat’s face, ears and paws and are great to use between baths.

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Pro 2 in 1 Slicker Brush with Shed N Blade – With a shedding blade for removing dead hair from the topcoat and wire bristles for cleaning the undercoat, this slicker brush helps keep their coat healthy. This brush works well for cats and dogs.

LeSalon Signature Curved Cat Slicker Brush – The angled wire bristles help make grooming easier and is suitable for both long and short haired cats. It effectively removes dead hair promoting a healthy coat.

FURminator deShedding Tool – This tool removes loose undercoat hair without damaging the topcoat. It promotes a healthy coat while reducing shedding. During grooming, this tool helps reduce the quantity of dander released into the air while bringing out the natural oil on your cat’s skin.

UGroom Bristle and Pin Cat Brush Combo – chrome steel pins remove loose dead hair and clean out the undercoat while the boar bristles redistribute oils to bring out the natural shine in your cat’s coat.

Be sure to see into the tools recommended to you. Purchase people who you are feeling the foremost comfortable with. employing a combination of brushing and bathing, may help keep your cats shedding to a minimum. Starting when your cat is young will ease your stress also as your new kittens and leave them with a healthy, shiny coat.

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