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Choosing a Cat Breed to suit Your Family

It’s an exciting time once you plan to add a cat to the family. There are many things to seem at when choosing the simplest breed for your family and life style. Some are affectionate while others are often more independent. Some breeds require daily grooming et al. need minimal extra care. regardless of the breed you select , adding that special kitty to the family may be a success for everybody . Here are some breeds to think about .


This beautiful longhaired feline is probably the calmest breed generally . they need a good range of colours , cute countenance and resemble an enormous fluff ball. While they are doing require daily grooming and frequent bathing, these graceful cats tend to be low energy and loving creatures. Persians are good additions to households with children and other animals. they have many love and affection. Persians will often choose one person as their favorite but are going to be loving to the remainder of the family also .

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair may be a short haired cousin of the Persian. they need all the simplest characteristics of that breed, including the squashed countenance , but don’t require the intensive amount of grooming. These are very affectionate and delicate creatures. While they’re still a relaxed and quiet cat, they are doing enjoy showing off their athletic nature. Providing a cat tree and climbing space will keep them happy.


The Himalayan may be a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. they need the gorgeous longhaired coat of the Persian with the Siamese markings. Himalayans’ enjoy playing but aren’t high energy. they’re usually well behaved and calm. they create an honest choice for families with children and other pets.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is playful and smart. they need a shorthaired coat and are compact in nature. They enjoy playing but can spend even as much time cuddling. The Shorthair is particularly good with children and other pets. they create great family additions.


The Ragdoll may be a quiet and really affectionate breed. They enjoy playing and being around people most of the time. thereupon in mind, they are doing not had best when left alone for long periods of your time . they’re not compatible for outdoors so keeping them inside is suggested . This breed gets its name from the way it behaves when picked up. it’ll go limp in your arms sort of a ragdoll. they’re also very intelligent and can learn tricks almost like a dog. This cat may be a larger but gentle breed. they create a superb choice if someone within the family is generally wary of cats.


The Abyssinian features a wonderful unique ticked tabby coat. With their graceful sleek bodies, they’re often called the supermodel of cats. they’re an outgoing and friendly breed that likes to play. The Abyssinian enjoys swimming and are very accepting of the people they meet. they’re very loyal and can lavish their owners with affection.


The Somali like to be the middle of attention. they’re very playful most of their lives but would rather curl in your lap and cuddle first. they’re very affectionate and luxuriate in showing their owners their love.

Whatever the breed you select , consider the cats characteristics also as your home life. Many cats are true cuddlers’ and wish that point with family. Remember, a cats average lifespan is 15-20 years. this is often an enormous commitment for any family so search for a cat which will be happy in your home and make your family happy too.

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