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Super Chewer Review

Are you tired of investing cash on new toys for your pet dog to have her tear them apart within 10 seconds? BarkBox provides a Super Chewer pet dog membership box for puppies who require more complex and more long-lasting toys. Learn if the Super Chewer box can help your dog’s playtime last longer.
Meet Super Chewer: This monthly subscription box is made for dogs who play harder and demand difficulty. Monthly, you and your pet dog receive an immersive adventure of 2 tough toys, two full-sized bags of treats, and two meaty chews. Super Chewer’s internal toy designers create interactive all-natural rubber and nylon dabble functions like puzzles, treat-lock systems, 2-in-1 toys, fetch-flinging toys, and more! All chews and treats are made in the U.S.A., and allergy-friendly alternatives are readily available for pups with dietary restrictions!


  • Includes six toys and treats each month
  • Products for dogs of all sizes
  • Natural and made in the U.S.


  • Membership renews immediately

Super Chewer Evaluation

Super Chewer arrived in a well-designed box with the motto “Let’s chew it.” I liked the mindset but was still sceptical if the items in this box might hold up to the beast of an animal that is my pet dog.

The package included two toys made from solid, durable rubber, and after feeling the materials, I understood they might stand a chance versus Toby.

Likewise included were four different treats: 2 bags of small dog deals with one made from turkey and the other duck; a roasted beef steak treat; and a salmon stick.

Toy # 1– “Oakley the Acorn” Toy

The first toy was an adorably shaped acorn connected to a durable rope. Immediately Toby wished to play tug-of-war, and we had a blast fumbling together.

As soon as Toby got the toy acorn away from me, however, he was off to the races and ready to damage it. I viewed him forcefully chew, bite and gnaw at it with all his may.

Eventually, the only damage was a couple of puncture marks.

Toy # 2– “Karla the Cardinal” Toy

The 2nd toy in the box was formed like a cardinal and had a squeaker inside that would make sounds if pressed hard enough.

Toby was super pumped about having not one however two new toys, and he right away captured it far from me– with the intent to decimate it.

He was a lot more aggressive with this toy and started to chew it hard. He did a little more damage to this one, securing a couple of tiny chunks, but it was still fully formed at the end of the day. Most other toys would be a pile of scraps, so I call it a success.


For treats, we’re a little less crucial. Toby is consumed with food. He sits by his food bowl a half-hour before mealtime and begins drooling

So imagine Toby’s pleasure when he saw all these new deals sitting on the counter. We, of course, didn’t give it to him simultaneously– although I don’t doubt that he would have consumed every single morsel if we did.

We began by providing him with one each of the turkey and duck treats. They were small and would be fantastic for training exercises, stuffing in a Kong or when you wanted to give your pet a small reward.

Here Toby does the trick to make his treat:

We’re conserving the salmon stick and roasted beef steak for another day. It’s excellent to have options like this on hand as a unique reward or to keep him hectic when he’s getting antsy.

How much does Super Chewer cost?

Subscriptions vary from $29 to $39 a month. The Super Chewer rate differs based on the length of your membership. The business offers month-to-month, six-month and 12-month subscriptions– a month-to-month membership is the most pricey option, while a 12-month membership provides you with the very best worth. Shipping is free in the 48 adjoining states and $8 for Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Delivery takes 2 to eight days.

Monthly prices for subscriptions are:

12-month subscription: $30/month.
6-month membership: $35/month.
Month-to-month membership: $45/month.
Super Chewer likewise allows you to present membership to a particular pet dog in your life. Unlike subscriptions, which you spend monthly, the business charges a one-time expense for presents. Prices for talented memberships are:

12-month gift: $360.
6-month present: $210.
3-month gift: $109.
1-month gift: $45.
All of Super Chewer’s products come with a Scout’s Honor Guarantee, so if your pet isn’t pleased with a toy or destroys it, you can get a new one free, no questions asked.

The Verdict.

Both toys were very much undamaged after hours of play, which is downright incredible. They look a bit worn, but the fact that Toby didn’t shred them into pieces says volumes about the quality.

He now has two new toys to play with when he requires to expel some energy– and believe us, that is quite often.

When it comes to the treats, they were all made of healthy ingredients, and Toby gobbled them up without a problem. It was nice to have more choices other than the usual Milk-Bone biscuits and peanut butter that we give Toby.

If you have a heavy chewer, we would suggest Super Chewer. The toys are made well and stand up to tough chompers like Toby.

Receiving a box in the mail is also an enjoyable surprise. We had a blast going through it and seeing what was within, and with how cold the weather has been here in Minnesota, it was nice that Toby had new toys and dealt with to keep him occupied.

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